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Originally Posted by Dagger View Post
Off topic, perhaps, but while this seems to be a pretty common way of organizing things, I don't understand the point of doing a "first blast" translation and then having other people fix it all through editing. Why isn't it faster to try getting it as close as possible the first time? I would personally find it a lot more frustrating and unnatural to clean up sloppy text than to translate from scratch.
Well, surely it's better to get an as-good-as-possible translation the first time. But then again, what if the translator just doesn't have the skills to do so?
Of course he could leave it to the more experienced ones, but there aren't enough of those.
So, in my opinion it's better when there's at least a raw translation, which can be edited to a mediocre-translation (I think around C/B-3 should do to have fun with the game) than none at all.
Or just aim for being better than MangaGamer. :D

I disagree, I think EusthEnoptEron is doing fine with Sharin (or was doing fine since he stopped). We need someone to blast through it and do a first pass translation, then others who know Japanese can jump in and edit the hell out of the thing. It would take forever for anyone to do it perfectly in one pass, and given EusthEnoptEron blasted through the first chapter in less than 2 weeks, I really hope he can keep working on it.
Thanks, I plan to continue some time. But I want to acquire a higher standard first - Japanese as well as English-wise.

And to look at the topic again, the standard-answer would be, that it's pretty much pointless to ask for a translation.
~ EusthEnoptEron
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