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Since the forums go up and down without notice and the website in general has been quiet and in some respects, "abandoned", I've migrated the first day patch links to its own page on the blog and made some updates on some other information. This may be the last update I ever do here.

If the place is magically still alive by the time we do our release, I will do a final update here.

And here comes the useless really late replies.

Originally Posted by Gr8Pio View Post
Hi, I have 2 simple questions... is there any route fully translated? Like u guys have something like 60% translated in Haruka route, but Nanasaki route is fully patched already?
And second. What is the estimated time that u need to fully translate this game?
Thank you in advance for your answers!
As indicated by our blog posts, we have as of the date of this post finished all Haruka scripts and Sae scripts.

We do not have a definite ETA for release at this point since our schedule is too erratic to have one and we work in our free time to make this happen. I originally gave some estimates but we may not even complete it by that estimate indicated. I am certainly hoping the project moves much faster from now on.

Originally Posted by Invictus View Post
Hey, I was wondering if there were any progress on this project. I really want to play this game and have been waiting for an English patch forever.
Please check the blog from now on for any updates.

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