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Well, with the few of you that are questioning if we are dead or alive. The OP post has been updated to reflect the status of the project. Basically, we've come to the conclusion that the project needs more people to handle the amount of work that is needed to complete it. If you are interested, details to contact us can be found in the blog's "Contact" page.

The extraction of .CPK files are not covered in freesmiler's guides. The method to do that is pretty public since there are tools that can extract .cpk archives for various other PSP games. We have the process documented in our tools documentation but it is pointless for any reason to release the documentation since it only concerns one edition of the game, and the game assets included in the PSP version are inferior to the ones in the PS2 version, which the extraction process is covered in freesmiler's guide. We won't be releasing technical documentation for the games until after the release of the full game patch.
Tranks, I appreciate the response, I'll be eagerly waiting for the full patch, then leave the translation to PT-BR. :)
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