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Well, it's been a while since anything really worthwhile happened. freesmiler commented to let people know that he wasn't dead. Here's what he had to say:

Hi guys,

Sorry for a delay. Actually I've dropped the research because I got stuck with the ASCII output and have a lot of work IRL. The main problem is that one need to find a switch that separetes 'control codes' and S-JIS text. There was an attempt to find all 'compare with 0x80 + conditional branch' patterns, but inverting a branch condition in the found places changed nothing. It would be helpful to have a debugger like GDB or something attached to the PCSX, because it's almost impossible to find that switch in a 20Mb disassembly file. That's for an overview.

So, here are my current thoughts:
1. There's no interest in tools debug since there's no actual motivation to do it until the ASCII solution is found. They work as a 'proof-of-concept', but further development is not planned now.
2. I'll try to build a DEBUG version of PCSX @ the weekend and check it's capabilities. Maybe it has some useful features?
I replied to give him some pointers for debugging the game but basically, the only way around this is to hack around the game's executable and see what happens. I'm getting time shortly after this week to see what I can do in terms of editing around the binary.

On the other hand, I finally was able to compile his tools without error and seeing that I was able to use it on my roommate's computer without error, I might as well post a download link to it for anyone that wants to just play around with the game files and see what they can do with it.
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