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The .exe file does do something, only that it works in a different way. Most of the programs used for extracting/recompiling VN scripts are "command line tools" and they lack a graphical user interface. Meaning that they're controlled via some command line parameters rather than a dialog window, buttons and stuff.

On Windows environment, there are at least three ways to use them. I'll be using RLdev's kprl.exe as an example here:

1) Command Prompt:
To open up the Command Prompt, you can either:
  • Go to "%windir%\system32\" directory and run "cmd.exe".
  • Hit the Start button, type "cmd", hit Enter.
  • Hit WinKey+R, type "cmd", hit Enter.
There you'll have a black-on-white screen, resembling the MS-DOS environment. You can type in DOS commands and command line parameters here, it's certainly one way to do it, but not the easiest one. So, let's move on.

2) Shortcuts:
You can create a shortcut to an executable file, open up its Properties dialog from the right-click menu and edit the Target value. If it says "C:\rldev\bin\kprl.exe" for example, you can add the command line parameters at the end of it: "C:\rldev\bin\kprl.exe" -d --outdir=output -r SEEN.TXT

3) Batch files:
This is generally the preferred way to do it. There are times when one needs to run several operations instead of one, and the first two methods become rather painful on these occasions. All you need to do is to create a simple text file and change its extension from .txt to .bat. When you double-click on a batch file, it will be run as if it was an executable. For RLdev, you can create a kprl.bat right next to kprl.exe, and type in:

kprl.exe -d --outdir=output -r SEEN.TXT
Note that for this (and the previous) example to work, you must copy the SEEN.txt next to kprl.exe and create a new folder named "output". The pause command is not necessary, but will be useful in case kprl.exe gives out some error. Otherwise the Command Prompt will be closed as soon as RLdev finishes doing its job.

P.S: Not sure if Kisaragi Gold★Star has a SEEN.TXT file, I just assumed that it does, since it's using RealLive engine.
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