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Originally Posted by JRaiKetchum View Post
IT"S HERE!!! *happy dance holding it like Haruhi-chan w/ the kappa*
how's it look? :D

btw just saw this press release from aniplex... looks like some buyers may run into bad luck...
To the Customers of The Garden of Sinners - the Movie Bluray Disc Box Set (North American release):
Regarding “The Garden of Sinners the Movie Bluray Disc Box Set” (Product # ANZX3921-3928, released on February 8th 2011), Aniplex has discovered potential issues as described below;
 Regarding the black cosmetic box with ribbon attached which contains the discs, either the lid and/or the bottom plate of the box may be slightly bent.
 The silver foil of the box which contains the discs may peel off.
We are currently investigating the cause, and as soon as the issues are resolved, we will reproduce new cosmetic boxes.
(complete info : )
I'm not exactly sure what they mean, but I looked at mine carefully but don't see any problems, whew!
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