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he never SAID what he was going to do once he manages to extract the data.

but just in case he DID mean to make a translation patch, I'll recommend to the op to check out insani's articles on hacking to read. it sounds to me that the game's archives were... uniquely encrypted from each other? especially if xp3viewer managed to extract a savedata folder but nothing ellse. maybe??

I'll be sure to check out the articles, thanks!

Here's a slight update on my situation:

- Yup, I'm planning on making a translation patch for Yue Hua. And I also plan on editing the chinese text in the images, too, so I need to get my hands on all of the material.

- TimScampi seemed to have a similar dillemma in his thead in the Technical Issues section. And like Tim, I have tried to use insani's xp3-extract tool, and got a result very similar to his.
But... he somehow managed to solve the problem with ExtractData 1.11. Unfortunately, ExtractData (v1.20) tells me that the game.exe is corrupted/damaged.

- I was wondering: could this be more of a compression problem than an encryption problem?
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