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Unhappy TVP KIRIKIRI 2 core game hacking help

I'm trying to extract data (images, scripts, etc.) from a chinese doujin game (kirikiri2), but it isn't going very well.

This free fangame, when downloaded, is a 95.6 MB executable that comes with no other files. Obviously, the xp3/archives data I'm looking for is embedded in it.

I have no experience dealing with games that have their xp3 embedded in the exe, but I tried to use my trusty xp3viewer anyways. All I get is a "savedata" folder with .ksd files in it (specifically: "datasc.ksd", "datasu.ksd", and "data999.ksd"), and nothing else. The usual xp3viewer window that pops up doesn't appear, either. The game runs well, though.

I'm not really sure where to go from here. Could anybody please point me in the right direction, and tell me which tools to use instead? And if you think I have to resort to using a hex editor to get at the xp3 embedded in the exe, would you please tell me how to do it?

If you must flame me for being a greenhorn then I wouldn't blame you :(
But after burning me alive would you consider helping me anyways? I've got a bad track record of getting insulted with no real helpful comments.

Thanks for your time!


- English is not my first language, so I'm kind of rusty. I'm terribly sorry for any weirdly phrased sentences in this post and I'll be happy to clarify anything.

- The chinese doujin game I'm trying to extract data from is an otome game (a prequel, to be exact), and was released in early 2013. There were several separate attempts to get at the data in the past (to make korean translation patch and an english patch, I believe) but I wasn't able to contact these people.

- I recently attempted to use the kirikiri splitter/merger tool on the game's executable. It tells me that it failed to locate the archive offset.

- I'm going to try extracting the data from the game with crass because I heard it was as good with excrypted archives like xp3viewer, but because I'm a noob hacker I would really appreciate it if somebody explained how I'd go about using crass (or any other tool) to tackle the game.

-The game in question is "月华", or "Yue Hua" an otome fangame based on the "Gintama" series.

- I've only extracted data archives from two other kirikiri2 games in the past, and both instances were relatively straightfoward so I managed it myself with a little
Google-fu. So if I sound like a hopeless noob, that's why.

Thanks again for reading!
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