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Yeah, there's a quite a few places where the music/voice balance isn't ideal and the music drowns them out, although I (hacker for YU-NO project) didn't feel that it happened frequently enough though to pursue making any changes in the patch itself. If you want to try making the changes yourself, here are some tools for packing unpacking the archives:

Tools are command line and have the following syntax:
arcunpack MUSIC.ARC MUSIC unpacks archive MUSIC.ARC into the directory MUSIC
arcrepack MUSIC MUSIC.ARC packs the files in the directory MUSIC into the archive MUSIC.ARC

The music files contain some metadata that determines how they are looped, so you must exercise caution in using a audio editor that preserves this metadata. I found that GoldWave works but Audacity doesn't - haven't tried any other editors. Remember to back-up the original MUSIC.ARC first.

If you are feeling more adventurous, I've posted instructions on how to use higher quality music (such as emulated recordings of the PC-98 game) with the game (the music in the Windows port is 22.05 kHz mono) on the Tokugawa Forums.
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