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XD XD Lack of HD space issue aside, that's another thing that put me off the Sims. I spent ages tweaking with people to make as close a place populated by the characters from Sorcerer Hunters as I could... nice family household with Carrot, Marron, Onion and Apricot in, another with Dota and Sirius, and another with Radish and Celery in. Focus on the Glacé household; Onion gets a job, goes out to work. Marron does some cooking, sets the kitchen on fire; he burns to death, Carrot dies along with him, and Apricot dies trying to put the fire out. Onion comes home to a burning house and eventually dies himself.

(Given my attatchment to Sorcerer Hunters characters, I was quite disturbed by this development)

So Radish and Celery move into the Glacé household. They weep at the graves/urns of the Glacé family, Radish goes to do some cooking... sets kitchen on fire... he and Celery die...

Dota and Sirius then have the run of the neighbourhood, but by that point I lost any patience I'd had and uninstalled XD. The Radish thing was pretty ironic since the guy himself is a pyromaniac, so it was kinda a fitting death for him... but thinking about it, given my apparently pathetic Sims skills, maybe Kanon skins would be too traumatic XD;;. "See Akiko keep house. See Akiko cook. See Akiko set kitchen on fire. See Akiko burn to death. See Nayuki angst. Bad ending, no CG for you"

Maybe the jam could be implemented. Like how if you buy the picture with the clown in the clown comes out and kills people or something... if people eat Akiko's jam... SOMETHING HAPPENS...