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Originally Posted by K
If it's just because of low compression... I'm sure you could get near-equal quality for far smaller filesizes, enabling Clannad to be sold as a CD version as well. Why didn't this happen?
Yes, the compression isn't the best possible - for example, Clannad's scenario file is 5.5 megabytes, while WinRAR can crunch the same data down to 2.3 megabytes. But bear in mind that their priorities are different - the algorithm VisualArts use is LZ77, which produces larger files but can be decompressed very fast, whereas if they used the RAR algorithm you'd be waiting several seconds every time the scene changed.

And it's lossless, which is never good for graphics. If they used JPEGs, the size would be much smaller. But I think you can guess why they don't. ^^

I guess they could have used a lossy algorithm on the music (I think NWA is lossless), but you do get people who claim to be able to tell the difference...

Originally Posted by Aldareon
Anybody got any ideas how much larger the games would be if KEY decided to upgrade the pics to a larger resolution?
Compare with Fate/stay night, which did just that (but used lossy Ogg Vorbis for the music, which compensated somewhat). Fate is 1.5 gigabytes.