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*nodnods* Exactly... I've never played Clannad but just since reading about it and how it's on a DVD and all, it makes me wonder... I guess it must be the multimedia aspect of it all (voices aside), since as Emperor said, you -can- play the music on a CD player, and CD-quality-size-audio is pretty damned big ^_^. Then there's also the opening/credits movies, I don't know how big those are but I'd imagine those would be large...

Is Haeleth around? ^o^ I figure he'd know more (most, even) about which bits do what, how, why and with what size in Kanon ^^. I don't know much about the nitty-gritty technical side of games, I just install and play the things.

Jeez though, it's like the Sims, I got that and now I never play it because it takes up far too much HD space ;__;. Saddens me, I wanted to download anime skins for it and have mad yaoi households going on.


I wonder if they're out there...