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I seem to recall a figure of around 102,000 for Air (PC version). Fate/Stay Night and Fate/hollow ataraxia enjoyed even brisker sales. Nonetheless, the genre remains a niche (albeit somewhat sizable) even in Japan.

Regarding Hirameki, I don't quite understand why they continually market their games as "otaku" product. If the goal is to pioneer a new (non-H) market in the US, there's less need to reinforce the Japanese perception of visual novels (with that kind of image, the products are immediately branded niche. Only this time they don't have the advantage of broad cultural appeal). Rather than limiting the audience from the start, there could be more effort in targeting as broad an audience as possible.

With Ever17 and Piece of Wonder (neither of which resemble the stereotypical visual novel), I think it'd pay off if they tried to reach out to the core console RPG community (press releases to fansites, maybe preview materials if possible - RPGFan already has a reviewer who enjoys and covers these things, etc.). The dedicated anime/manga crowd is important too, but I think they're selling themselves short by only looking in that direction.
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