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Unfortunately, being a fan base, its hard to gauge "hard" facts.

It all really depends on what you need the information for. If its for educational purposes or for creating a market report, you may be able to convince some of the US visual novel licensors to give you some statistics (Hirameki International and/or JList).

If you want to see how many times a certain fan-translated demo/doujin/patch has been downloaded, you can contact the group who did the original translation, get statistics from them, then request the mirror statistics from VisualNews and added them together to get a general feel of how many times something has been downloaded.

If your looking for the "largest" group of visual novel/hcg fanatics in one place, even though the majority of them are piraters (so if your looking at VN's from a commercial side, this place wouldnt give you a good market), you can visit Hongfire. They also have, well you can probably figure it out, but the statistics from those might be able to aid you too.

How willing people will be in giving you data is really up to what you want to do with it and who your asking.

I can tell you one thing I know though. Hirameki International, the primary licensor/distributor of non-H visual novels states quite often then they've misjudged the market to be a lot smaller then it is and are trying their best to expand the market's knoweldge of visual novels.

Hope that helps.

[Edit: Woops... didnt notice the part that you were looking for information on the Japanese marketshare right now and not the US ><. Well, maybe my info will help later.]
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