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If I broke a rule, then I apologize for it.

Well, I initially downloaded the Air+Kanon game torrent and the problem I faced was the opening scene freezing after I started the game; the text wouldn't show and it would just freeze but the bgm kept playing.

Well, I came across a thread at Animesuki that discussed this problem and how to fix it.

Oh, another question- my game, like that other person (though they are playing another ver I think) freezes in the beginning as well. I don't read Japanese, but I still tried clicking the first option and the opening started- beautiful music- but... nothing else, the empty dialogue box stood there and if I clicked, the 'timer' mouse icon would appear but the game would just stay there, doing nothing.

Do I need some kind of special patch to use US windows for this? Obviously, no Japanese fonts will display right now. Any advice, just incase I want to at least fiddle with the Japanese part of the game? Or is my game, right now, a useless box?

Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages > Install files for East Asian languages > REBOOT.
After you've done that, go to your language options panel once again, but this time select the Advanced Tab. Set your current language to Japanese at "Language for non-Unicode programms". REBOOT.
You should be able to see Japanese fonts now.

I'm going to attempt to re-download the torrent(since I deleted it after giving up on trying to make it work) and try to follow those steps.
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