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I stand rather amazed at the, to put it lightly, invective pessimism, in this thread already. Yeah, it's not apparently going to be a free download. Oh no.

What's amusing is that DaFool implicated that stage-nana released 2 games for free as a publicity stunt to draw attention before 'making a profit at $15'... since the historical facts are rather backwards...

Stage-nana existed before Nekonekosoft, then grew in parallel with it, and with the 7 year success of NNS, Kataoka had plenty of time to gather deep industry contacts, as well as gather a significant fan base. Hell, even NNS's MMR blog entries mentioned Narci1 back when NNS was still alive in 2005. If he wanted to start charging, he could've done it then without a hitch, with the few thousand fans learning about it from there to begin with.

Next, what's it mean to be doujin anyways? The line between 'industry' and 'doujin' has blurred over the years any ways, especially in the realm of original self published works. Last year when that topic came up over drinks, Kataoka made it clear that whatever the various outside definitions are, he himself considers "doujin" works to be anything that's done specifically with the bottom line as the primary goal. It's fine to make money, or not, but doujin should be motivated first by something else, be it fame, status, art, expression, or whatever. If he's using the labels in a consistent manner, then for the moment let's assume those are his intentions.

I was discussing Narci with him once, and he had mentioned that the costs going into the project were as small as he could make it, but still not trivial. Seiyuu need to be paid, for agency reasons. However, through his personal friendships with them, they brought their rates down as far as possible for the project. The same goes for music houses like elements garden, and recording studios. If the costs of Narci3 are such that it's too much of a burden to pay out of pocket, what's wrong with a price tag? *shrug*

One thing is for certain, those reduced rates would be out the door if Narci3 were being set up as a commercial venture, and the price to break even on it would be much higher than 1500 yen at a consignment shop for however many thousand gets printed.

But anyways, what I really don't get is what this assertion that doujin groups can't have high production values. It's a free market, so anyone with a bucket of cash can hire who they want. The Maikaze thing, controversy and all, managed to get top tier seiyuu and animate a 30 minute touhou dvd. Pro seiyuu get writers and engineers to work at low cost for them to make their own doujin CDs that sell for 1-2k yen at comike. If anything, we're just seeing what someone can do with a bunch of connections in the right places.

And to end this, the best line of the day was the implication that I, (or I suppose Haeleth though I can't speak for him) somehow delayed Narci2 in some grand prescient attempt to shield the English community' from being baited. That's a good one. I think my opinions about the obligations I feel over translations abundantly clear, and 'for the audience' is like the last 5% of it, if at all.
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