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Mazyrian, I haven't tried to actively go out and search for this particular image myself yet, but it is the only one I'm missing as well.

I wonder, perhaps, if it's not JUST the paths, but there's little things that change depending on your answers for paths, such as I think depending on the response you give to You in Takeshi's path after the story of Pygmalion, I think when the scene changes and they are going up the stairs, you get a slightly altered response by one or two lines (it's been a while so I might be mistaken). I know there were a few things like this. Also, there's about five or more different sleep-talks Takeshi does when you are on Kid's path.

I have no proof, but, maybe try and search out these small alterations and see what happens? Might be a little tricky, I know. I really should try to get that CG myself to see.
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