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Originally Posted by zalas View Post
Actually, it shows up on Yahoo Auctions from time to time and would fetch for around 5000 yen (original price was 1500 yen). But that aside, I wonder if it's morally acceptable to pirate a game if it's out of print and nearly unobtainable and/or if the original creators have disbanded et cetera. For this particular instance, it still is legally copyright infringement, but in practice, you're probably not going to get caught. Assuming that the original creators are not against the act of translating this game (to simplify the discussion, since that opens another can of worms), one might make the argument that this action is simply spreading the author's work (and thus bringing benefits to the original author), but one might also make the argument that this action reduces the 'market value' of the game (and thus indirectly hurt others) by making it available for free.
Yes there is no way around it. If the original creator has a problem, I have no problem deleting this. I respect the author's request and their work.
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