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Originally Posted by Asceai View Post
Actually being serious this time, but why is everyone saying KazoKei is a long game? It's not! It's tiny! 1.83mb script! You could finish it in A DAY
24 full hours?
Well, I'll try that soon. I was focused on Aoba, but at the same time, I didn't want to treat Matsuri like total crap. (That in itself was hard. >.>)

But in all honesty, it really took me about a week to finish the galge. I dunno, I read through a few other VNs, and galge quickly, but this one was sort of long to me.

Oh, I must say I enjoyed the voice acting on Aoba, UNTIL this end...
I really don't enjoy all the high pitch cutesy voice anymore. It gets used way too much, which is why I wanted to go for Aoba. (That, and a few other reasons...) At the hentai scene, when she was moaning, and all, it was rather, different. High pitch... on Aoba!? o.0;;;
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