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I finished all the routes recently.

It's a pretty decent game. The common route is pretty long compared to other recently translated eroge, and the individual character routes were kind of short in comparison but that's to be expected. If I were to compare this to Kira Kira, all the character routes in Kazoku Keikaku are better than the routes in Kira Kira, with the exception being Kirari's normal ending (Don't go into this expecting a route to top Kirari normal end).

I enjoyed it. The music was nice and added a good touch to the dramatic moments. In fact, I don't think Kazoku Keikaku could have been as good as it is without the music, or any visual novel for that matter.

Translation wise... I found a lot of typo's near the end of the common route and the character. They kept translating "onii-san" as "onii-chan" when the voice clearly says the former, and even vice versa for some reason. In the beginning whenever Haruka (Chunhua) talks in Chinese, they kept it in romanji format. Then near the end, they translated things she said in Chinese into English. I suppose that's fine, but it kind of irked me when they translated "xie xie, guu guu" as "Thank you, onii-san" or whatever. I mean, it's accurate and all, but if they're going to start out with it not being translated, they should leave it that way. I'm not even going to bother going into the other issues, as I'm sure they've been addressed already.

Overall, great eroge I'd say. Almost makes me think that getting a family of my own would be possible. Almost.
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