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Default Clannad Translation Project

Official Homepage (Thanks to Misu for hosting!)

(last updated December 23, 2004)

Added this little blurb to give you guys updates about the project. I did get all offers for translation support and that is very welcomed! I added you guys to the members list and soon enough I'll get you guys some script to work on, the Christmas season is busy!

RealLive Hacking: 100% (Haeleth)
Graphics Hacking: ?% (?)

Translation: ~2% (Soulfang)
Editing: 0% (?)
Graphics Editing: 0% (?)
QC: 0% (?)

Members Involved
(listed in alphabetical order)

Haeleth - Programming, Translation
Misu - Web Hosting
Soulfang - Translation

Legal Notices
Clannad is (c) 2004 VisualArt's/Key. This is a fan translation and is not for sale in any way, shape, or form. If Key decides to send a C&D to this project, all work will be halted in respect to them.

Contact Soulfang
E-mail: soulfang AT tampabay DOT rr DOT com
IRC: Soulfang on IRCHighway

Clannad Translation Project