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Default Little Witch Romanesque needs Image Editors! <3

Hey there,

My group and I are (very) inofficially working on a translation of Littlewitch's "Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch Romanesque" or just Romanesque for short. As the game has a MASSIVE load of images that need editing, we are currently looking for people with basic knowledge of Photoshop who are willing to help out with editing the menu graphics (replacing the Japanese text with English text - simple as that) - there are more than 1000 images, most come in three sizes even, that need the text replaced. Not much of editing to the backgrounds is needed to be done, it's mainly transparent graphics with Japanese text.

Anyone who'd be interested in speeding up the translation progress by helping out with the image editing, please e-mail me!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!! <3
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