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Originally Posted by PyTom
How do the Japanese-made engines support concepts like word-wraping and proportional fonts that are in English but aren't really used in Japanese? IIRC, some of the translators had to use heroic measures to get these working.
To put it simply, they don't. Translations of NScripter games typically use versions of the open source clone ONScripter that have been patched to implement word wrapping; translations of AVG32 games use precalculated line breaks; translations of RealLive games will probably use the word wrapping engine I've implemented in RealLive itself. I'm not sure off-hand what's been done with KAG3/KiriKiri games.

<strike>I don't know of any translations of ren'ai games that have actually implemented proportionally-spaced text at all; generally Japanese-designed engines don't even take the possibility into account.</strike>
Edit: See ChocoEd's post below for how they handled proportional spacing in Fate/stay night.
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