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Originally Posted by Minagi View Post
I don't mind but the source code you are working with is more than half year out of date (even older than the one hosted on tsukuru). Here's the latest version:
Ooooh, ok. I'll merge the changes as soon as I can (probably over this weekend). Is this purely a bugfix or did you add something?

Originally Posted by Minagi View Post
I guess my only request is that you include a binary release every once in a while (especially when/if you add new games) since I intended for this to be for the average person (mostly just those working on fan translations using the N2System engine) and not just people who knew how to compile the code.
No problem. Actually, the download links are here: (YAY free file hosting). I also changed the TLWiki page link to this url.

Originally Posted by Minagi View Post
I'm kinda curious, is there any particular reason you wanted to fix it up? I know my code isn't all that great but I figured it would have been too specific of a tool for anyone besides me to care about maintaining.
I was working with the people on the Lamento project and well, it seems that the executable requires resources to be encrypted for it to be loaded. So I implemented encryption for repacking (thank goodness the cipher is symmetric). So don't worry, I'm not on a code-cleaning crusade :)

Also, as what I've said previously, I want it to be usable for people who are too lazy to set their system locale to Japanese (like me :P). Actually... this is the initial reason why fudged with the code.

This might be redundant but: thanks for the documentation!

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