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A full translation patch (which might still have some bugs or typos) for Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side First Love Plus (the DS port of the PS2 game, with full voices) has been released at . This is a romhack.

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...currently they will allow old PSone games (2 titles at the moment), no word yet on if they will allow all imports in the future (include PSP VNs) or not.
The specific games are a shmup called Gaia Seed, and the PS1 version of Cho Aniki, aka the *manliest* shooting game ever.

Monkey Paw's home page currently states that the staff "...wants to rock your retro world with games that make you feel like you did growing up…" The founder previously worked at Hudson, and has expressed an affection for Japan's old school action games. The company has a forum, but as of this writing, it's very quiet. So if you're interested in talking with the company, join the forum.