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Originally Posted by Ayato View Post
This was definitely worth the read...
It was a different type of love story, and in my years of living, I haven't met one such as this. I think this is really what made is strike a chord in me.

Thank you for the translation, it was an honor to read! ^-^

Out of curiousity, was there a piece of music in here from the VN Red Shift?
If you're talking about the piece of music that plays during the climax of August Snow, then yeah, it's the same piece of music as the main(?) theme of Red Shift. It really is a lovely BGM, with blending elements of mystique, loneliness and beauty as it runs its relatively short course. It has a permanent spot on my BGM playlist.

I'm one of those people who don't/refuse to use Bittorrent for various reasons, so I can't make any comments on the translation itself, but I'm delighted that this piece of work was translated, and special props to Irene for making the extra effort to also translate the diabetes-inducing omake scenario!
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