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Just an update some stuff in the OP since 9 months is a fairly long time to say anything. And sorry for the extremely late responses on some questions.

Originally Posted by Nico View Post
Hi guys why don't you ask for help on GBATemp forums? there are a lot of romhackers and people that can translate Japanese there.
As indicated in the OP post, we really only need an extra 1-2 translators at most for speed to quality ratio. There are still technical challenges but it's no trivial thing to do and ask other people to do. In short, we just need time, not more people.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
if you have some free time after the project end, i hope you translate this faq as well :D
I doubt it since we will be translating the manual for the game and any FAQ/walkthrough is not extremely interesting to us particularly since we can pretty much hack in and play any event we want. But if we do have time, I'll consider asking my translators on if they would want to. I don't make decisions on what content besides the main game will be translated.
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