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Originally Posted by X-Calibar View Post
how's it look? :D

btw just saw this press release from aniplex... looks like some buyers may run into bad luck...

(complete info : )
I'm not exactly sure what they mean, but I looked at mine carefully but don't see any problems, whew!
It looks fricken awesome!! The top is just a tad warped, but not a huge cosmetic issue with me. It ties up fine and keeps everything protected, so it's doing it's job ^^. I spent the past two days plowing through the set and I couldn't ask for any better visuals! Definately a huge step up from the DVDs! The subs were very good. A few slight errors here and there, but that's to be expected. Very easy to read font. Probably Tahoma with a black outline (Not like FUNi's god awful pure white >.<)

The two books feel like (and probably are) velvet! Soft, fluid to the touch with slight fingerprints and tracks from touching it. Artbook is absolutely gorgeous! And helps me prove that it is a gyp that the regular edition art for the DVD's looks better than the Limited Edition!! The translation booklet is fun to read with the interview with Nasu, Takeuchi, and Sakamoto. Some very interesting info behind Type-Moon and the production of the movies. ^^ Nasu is especially interesting. He gave an apology for Movie 3's story and noticing that it paled in comparison to the novel. You can easily see as people have stated before that Nasu is the creativity and Takeuchi is the brains of the group ;)

I am keeping it in the box it came in (a cardboard box with plastic handle with Kara no kyoukai on it) just because... letting something as precious (and expensive!) as that set lay out for dust to cover and should something fall on it would be a sin! Definately worth every single penny.

It was alot of fun plowing through all seven movies again and the epilogue. Kudos to Maaya Sakamoto for basically doing a 30 min monologue O.o That's basically what the epilogue is with some interjections from Mikiya (Kennichi Suzumura) who definately looks a little cooler now with his scar.

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