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I've just seen the intros (both English and Italian). It seems good. But... please, do not write “E'”: it's pathetic and it's a huge mistake (that, unfortunately, everyone one does...). ' means that a letter (or more than one) was deleted. The accent is completely another thing. In order to write properly “È”, holding “Alt” write “212” (or “0200”) and then release “Alt”. I just can't tollerate seeing “E'”^^. And writing “È” is more professional-like.
If you need to know how to write other characters that you don't see in your keyboard, just google “ascii code” (or, if you prefer in Italian, “codici ascii”) and you'll find a lot of sites with ASCII characters tables.

May I ask you something? About the PC version: we have to wait the complete game, right? Are you able to do a rough forecast of the release date?
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