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Originally Posted by DaFool
(For some reason it feels like I've read this conversation before ^_^)
Actually, now that you mention it, your name does sound familiar to me, I could swear I saw you on a different forum ^_^

Originally Posted by DaFool
Anyways, so in this definition a true VN-adventure is actually a kinetic novel with choices to force the player to go on temporary tangents but eventually falling back to mainline (or maybe, a quick gameover), thus, with only one true ending ?
Yes, that's basically what I was on about. That's the structure of the typical Western (point-and-click) adventure, a quick brainstorm says it's Eve, Desire, Chain, Fatal Relations, Love Potion and a few more. IMO it's an important distinction, since those are linear stories, and potential fans will know there are no multiple love/sex interests to pursue.
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