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Moon Phase strikes again with a summary of an interview with Jun Maeda, which is quite informative:
  • Development is nearly complete. All the writing's done. All that's really left is to finish the soundtrack (there are one or two tracks left to do, out of about 20 planned).
  • While it says on the homepage that the game isn't related to Clannad, that's a legal fiction to satisfy the EOCS [the organisation that regulates adult games in Japan]. In practice it's okay to think of this as a continuation of Clannad.
  • The first part of the story will feel a bit like a fandisk, but towards the end it's going to get pretty serious.
  • Tomoyo After will be nothing like as long as Clannad.
  • The Key staff were all given time to go off and do their own thing after Clannad was finished, and Tomoyo After is what Maeda wanted to make. He wasn't really able to get the other Key staff to help, which is why the art and so on aren't being done by the usual people. Okay, the number of sex scenes he's putting in there probably is another reason.
  • This isn't the story of Tomoya and Tomoyo, it's wholly Tomoyo's story. It's not going to be about them settling down and having kids.
  • The character Kanako is a kind of successor to Clannad's Sunohara (laughs). She doesn't have any H scenes.
  • Takafumi is a tennen-boke type [can't think how to translate it offhand, but think Minagi and Kotomi]
  • The other heroines from Clannad won't be appearing. In fact, other characters in general are basically limited to a few appearances from Tomoya's father.
  • There aren't going to be any separate afterstories for the other heroines, either. [Aw, I was looking forward to "Fuuko After". :(]
  • They're hoping to get the next work [presumably the one Itaru's working on] out by the end of next year.
And damn, I wish Key would release that Tomoyo After demo online, instead of only giving it out to magazines that I can't easily buy. :(