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Originally Posted by Talbain
Fitting it back into the ROM isn't the problem either I would suspect, especially if it's an SNES ROM.
You'd be surprised. Simply reinserting the text isn't difficult, of course. The problem is that there literally isn't room!

As you're doubtless aware, since games of that era typically store kana as single bytes, Japanese is encoded far more efficiently than in modern games that use Shift_JIS; I forget the precise figure, but IIRC in a typical SNES game, English text generally requires about 50% more room than the equivalent Japanese. And Tokimemo apparently didn't have much in the way of empty space to use for text.

Often you can just expand a ROM, but Tokimemo already uses the largest officially-supported size (32Mbit), so the trivial expansion technique doesn't work. So reinserting the text would involve either improving the compression system sufficiently to compensate, or alternatively performing whatever hacks are necessary to trick the hardware into being able to handle a 48Mbit ROM. Possible, but definitely hard.
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