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Originally Posted by swiftnissity View Post
This was pointed out on the JAST forums and I'm kind of surprised no other companies have done it.

'Tail Wind' apparently released 2 versions of their game Trample on "Schatten!!" back in 2009.
The boxed version was censored.
The digital version however was uncensored.

The digital version can be purchased here:
CG Page with uncensored images:

According to the JAST forums:
As for how they got past the law, the server the game is hosted on is in the US and they charge US dollars for it. Japanese people can still purchase and download the game however.
Well another correction....

Its not really "Tail Wind" who done this...

its under "DesignFactory"

They licensed the game and they didn't put it in Japan Server but North America Server which is very clever....

And this is not Japan version but North America Version....
very very Clever........

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