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Default Do you think Microsoft pays for exclusivity for games like Steins;Gate?

I'm playing Steins;Gate on PSP right now and find myself wishing I could play it in 1080 on my PS3. Why did 5bp only support 360 up until now? Their upcoming Dunamis15, Broken Arrow, and Robotic Notes are coming to PS3 also. Do you think 5bp simply didn't see an audience for visual novels among the PS3 fanbase up until now? Oh yea, the upcoming Ever17 remake from 5bp is 360 only!

Cave only brings out shooters for 360. Could Microsoft be paying them?! But Cave did once say they have a more hardcore loyal fanbase on the 360 than on the PS3 for shmups. But if you consider that Cyberfront brought out the shmup Mamoru-kun ha Norowarete Shimatta for PS3 also, I think Cave could also make money on PS3. But I guess Cave is doing just fine on the IOS now.

Then Aquaplus goes the completely opposite direction. They support only the PS3. Is Sony paying them for exclusivity? True Tears, True Tears 2, White Album, Utawarerumono 2, To Heart 2 DX Plus, etc.
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