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Originally Posted by Kenn View Post
Ah, I remember this game... But of course I do. It left so much psychological trauma that whenever I play a VN now, it doesn't matter how carefree and soothing the story is, I'd always get this feeling that something very very bad is coming just around the corner.

As an ex-victim, I'd like to just give a warning: this game is extremely dark, and this is coming from an avid guro fan.... I'd go as far as to say only a bona fide masochist would enjoy the whole of it. It was a captivating game, but not in the good sense. I had to finish it, to chase the flimsy hope that there might be salvation in the end.

Now if some of you are still not persuaded, perhaps already been hooked in by the earlier chapters, then my only suggestion is to not read any reviews. That's all. Prepare some hot cocoa and enjoy the numerous touching moments that it does provide. Let's hope you'll find it more palatable than I did.
What the heck, Sharin no Kuni isn't anywhere near that dark. It's not an utsuge for a start.

Heck, I would report the opposite; I felt Sharin no Kuni was an incredibly UPLIFTING piece. I was left with a better impression of the world as a whole from playing it. The overall message was quite positive, as it generally is with Looseboy games.
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