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Looks like the revised PV fixed the English error. Overall, the video concept seems good. I think you should try to balance out the "finesse" of the text parts and the animated scene; the text parts look too fluid, sharp and alive compared to the drawn scene, which has only simple linear zooms and pans, is blurry and feels somewhat boring. While contrast can be good if used effectively, currently it's kind of just jarring and doesn't really deliver a message in my opinion. I think roughening up the text parts might be a good way to go if you want to deliver this somber melancholic feeling.

The use of sound seems pretty good, although I might try to use more and maybe kill the music all together. The music sticks out like a sore thumb and kind of breaks the mood instead of enhancing it; either get a real pianist playing the piano and try going for something more electronic and minimalistic.
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