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Default al|together 2008 Day 2: Crimsoness

Next in the al|together 2008 lineup is the award-winning Crimsoness (original title "灼熱姫") from the game-maker Porn. Yes, really.

The premise is one that you've probably seen so many time before: you have three minutes to finish your school exam and, failing that, destroy the world. Yes, really.

The graphics are amazing, in their own way. In the MS Paint old-school way, that is. Yes, really.

Only a Windows download is available this time, since it's using a custom game engine rather than ONScripter. Enjoy! You'll love it. Yes, really!

Note that the accompanying essays on the site can contain spoilers, so you may want to play it through before reading them. And please remember to use the SPOILER tag if you wish to discuss game strategies in the forum, too.
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