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*sits impatiently staring at an order status screen that refreshes every minute in the center of a circle comprised of various Kara no kyoukai figurines, nendoroids, novels, magazines, games, etc. with nothing but Kalafina and Rakkyo OST music blaring in the background*

I'm a scientist! Nothing is ever perfect! Who cares about little nitpicky issues like that! The promised day that Aniplex USA has waited for has come! Rakkyo is about to be unleashed to the NA audience! The day us fans of the series have been waiting for since the first time "Fukan Fuukei" graced the Japanese big screen! And best of all... THE TRANSLATIONS OF THE ARTBOOK! XD

*Status still says Processing*

*starts bouncing up and down like a spoiled brat*


P.S - j/k I'm actually only laying @ the computer, listening to my Yuki Kajiura folder refreshing every hour ^^;. But still, I don't care about really bad nitpicking of video unless it is some glaring problem like some greening I've seen in some upconverts.

Ja, ne
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