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Default Help repacking decrypted .xp3 + information for an aspiring vn hacker would be nice

So, I recently got interested in visual novel hacking. I've read the four articles on Insani's blog thing and Proger_XP's visual novel hacking guide. I'm a shit TL and aren't capable of tling something as complex as a visual novel or even read one in Japanese. I wanted to try to reverse engineer a game called SINCLIENT that uses the kirikiri3 engine. The only programming language I sorta know is Visual Basic. I was able to decrypt and extract the data.xp3 with xp3dumper but I'm not able to repack it. Even when I just make a patch.xp3 from the unmodified decrypted scripts, it just gives me this error I'm guessing I'd have to reencrypt the files before repacking them again? How would one do that? I'd like some general info on visual novel hacking, if possible. I'm on the irc channel (#denpa) as KoolKidsK, and I can also be found in Rizon (#tlwiki/#vnsociety) and IRCHighway(#wankotl) as KoolKidsK. Here are 10 script files, both encrypted and decrypted:

I'm grateful for any help I can get. I'm rather intrigued by this visual novel hacking stuff.

edit: I also have IDA Pro and Olly, in case that matters.
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