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Hey unregistered. Cool to see somebody else is playing the game.

To get The Lost Soul ending, run this through

Qba'g erzrzore Bmnjn'f anzr ng gur ortvaavat. Jura gur rivy unaq pbzrf cvpx gur "V pna'g yrnir uvz urer" pubvpr. Yngre jura lbh jbaqre jung unccrarq gb Bmnjn, cvpx gur "ur zhfg or qrnq" pubvpr. Naq qba'g gnxr gur lrneobbx. Gura frnepu sbe uvz ng gur raq naq ovatb.

You want the ending below Thank You, the last ending? F.I.A answered that one earlier, here's what he said, it works:

For the last ending(Forget me nots):

1. Lbh arrq gb erzrzore uvf anzr va svefg bcgvba
2. Guvax gung Btnjn vf fgvyy nyvir/ Phefr lbhefrys jul lbh ner yrnivat uvz.
3. Cvpx hc gur fpubby erpbeq.
4. Frnepu sbe Btnjn.

The ending I want to know is the one above Thank You. Can anybody help, please? It's killing me, I'm dying over here!
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