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I'll give this a shot for the hell of it.

"Which [console] format would you prefer?"
Probably a handheld platform. PSP has the best audio/visual capabilities, although it's still struggling.

I'm not fond of reading a lot of text on SDTV, so PS2 doesn't appeal to me.

"Would you buy an Otome game based on a shojo manga you liked?"
As a guy, reading first-person descriptions of steamy events or heavily romantic thoughts (female POV) is a no-no. It might be great for those who want to explore different sides of their sexuality (or for girls, naturally), but that isn't my thing.

I'm curious as to what might result from this.
I'd be shocked if anything ever became of it.

Would the company risk publishing on a system which caters to mainstream gamers?
Honestly, I don't think they understand what they're trying to pursue. Every so often, a company claims to have dreams of doing something like this. However, it's often because they have little idea of what the market is like (and the resistance they'll get from potential publishers, retailers, consumers, and even the gaming press). Mixx/Tokyo Pop, Softegg, Hirameki, Broccoli?

Idea Factory will learn soon enough.
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