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Wow, GSL, you must have hacked my backup server! How else did you get your hands on my translation of Makoto's epilogue? :P

Back on topic, I've always been rather partial to... well, most of the things Shiori says, in fact. Particularly her assessment of Tabasco: 「人類の敵です」

I'm also fond of the lies various heroes tell girls who foolishly ask them for help in lessons. ONE's Kouhei's translation of "The party was concluded with three cheers" into the Japanese equivalent of "The party was wiped out by three cheerleaders" is a classic, as is Sense Off's hero's explanation of the relevance of Goliath to a maths lesson: [ゴリアテは]19世紀初頭にゴリとアテの兄弟が提案した、無矛盾な命題など存在し得ないという公理だ

(Hard to translate. Roughly, "[Goriate is] the axiom proposed by the brothers Gourry and Athe at the start of the 19th century, which states that no proposition can exist that is not inconsistent." Except it's funnier in Japanese.)
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