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JASTS status update:

Release dates:!/jastusa/status/90930719999799297
My Girlfriend is the President, Aselia the Eternal, Downhill Night Blaze, Yumina the Ethereal, and Song of Saya are planned for 2011 sale.!/jastusa/status/90931261081788416
School Days HQ, Seinarukana, Sumaga, Outlaw Django, and Starless are scheduled for 2012. Hanachirasu and Kikokugai are in the mix as well.

@jastusa no chaos;head? where is the love!/jastusa/status/90940847851442176
@Cubanoman Tied up in the details of contract and licensing negotiations, unfortunately. We may have more info on this later.

School Days HQ:!/jastusa/status/90940629328211968
@ZeroAsakura Given the current rate of progress on SDHQ we're looking at a release in the first or second quarter of 2012 at this point.!/jastusa/status/90934732409409536
@michelous This will be determined by the extras package we can assemble for the LE release, but likely won't exceed $50 USD.

@DekaThunder We're in the process of assessing the content in Starless, and if any changes are needed we'll issue a full report pre-release.

@michelous The Yumina website and preorders for the game are a top priority this month, expect it by the end of July. Price is TBA.

14 days until #SDCC. I should start balancing out my eroge budget. Kinda hoped @jastusa would have a presidential release before the con >.>!/jastusa/status/90933150548635648
@jyuichi I hoped we would too, but it doesn't look like it at this point, alas. We'll have an update on the status of President soon.
Next release looks to be President which by the look of things wont make it this month after-all. Looks like Yumina is nearly ready too.

Download version of Yukkuri Panic is also available:

and apparently Saya wont be in a bundle release anymore? Based on the first tweet.
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