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Since the main activity in the festival is translation, I tried to lower the bar of entry this year by permitting people to enter simply as translators, with programming work handled centrally for them.

That wouldn't have led to this delay, of course, if I hadn't made a silly mistake. What I should have done is impose an earlier deadline for those people, to allow for the central work to be done during the translation time, when I had arranged to be free; or, alternatively, I could have arranged to be free after, not during, the festival. Since I didn't think of either option, naturally the translations nearly all came in at the end... just as my routine returned to normal. With the obvious consequences.

As for what's been involved -- basically checking and correcting translations, inserting scripts, reprogramming games where necessary, contacting copyright holders in one or two cases where permission had not been acquired in advance, and building installer packages. All pretty specialised work, unfortunately. :/

I'd been hoping to release a second batch (insani's being the first) this last weekend, but for various personal reasons that wasn't feasible. But there should be a batch ready soon.
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