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Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention: Yes it is/isn't illegal, we all know it is/isn't illegal, and we all don't care whether or not it's illegal. Not in this thread, anyway. Because legality is not on-topic in this thread.
Most of the time, I couldn't care less whether such projects are legal or not. However, I personally do care about intentions and the message being sent to the creators/copyright holders.

Creating a patch installer that reads the script from the Hirameki DVD and patches the translation of the PC game? Sounds great to me! (We respect your rights and we really liked your translation, so we're making it possible for your true fans to enjoy this game. We even went out of our way to integrate OCR into our installer to reduce the amount of your content we're actually distributing.) This case in my opinion would follow the spirit of the law, even for times when it wouldn't be following the letter of the law.

Ripping the translation and bundling the voices from the DVDPlay version and distributing that as a patch? Sounds fishy to me! (We don't really care about whether you hold the copyright or not; we're using the translation. Oh and the way you designed the PC game sucked; we're going to improve your game by using the PS2 voices, which you, the PC game maker, wouldn't even have rights to use!) This case in my opinion would not follow the spirit of the law.
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