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Originally Posted by Asceai View Post
I love Sharin no Kuni's OP song - always loved it, even though I didn't understand it until after finishing the game. =P

Originally Posted by Moogy View Post
The OP's title is Akazora Renka. We were supposed to provide translations for it and Sora no Sukima but then we didn't. Oops.

Also I guess you can expect Houzuki before the end of March.

Originally Posted by Moogy View Post
Personally, I think Sora no Sukima is better than Akazora Renka, but they're both pretty great.

Unfortunately the ED is so bland that I don't even remember its name. Can't win 'em all, I guess.
woa, nice one Moogy
what is Sora no Sukima anyway? I have not finished Sharin no Kuni yet :p

Akazora Renka, ka.
I'll fix it now

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