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Default 20 Questions on the Gemot, a revival!

A long time ago, during an era of bleak news and discussion topics, we had a game on the Gemot called 20 questions. Well... their frankly isnt too much happening right now, and it's been a long time since we last played 20 questions, so I think it's time for a revival =D.

Here are the rules:
1. The question setter comes up with a term (or phrase) specifically associated with certain game (person, phenomena, song, etc).
The answer is given in tripcode form when the question is set so that the other players can check it afterwards.
Originally we had limited it to Key titles as this is a Key-centric forum and there wasn't much else available that non-Japanese speakers could enjoy, but since a lot has come out since then, and we are also Leaf/Type-Moon friendly, I figured we'd expand it. You can pick your term from:
Key: AIR, Kanon, Planetarian
Type-Moon: Tsukihime, Fate/stay night
Leaf: Utawarerumono
(For F/sn and Utawarerumono, please limit your items to something that was at least mentioned or alluded to in the anime for non-Japanese speakers who haven't played the game. I was also thinking of puting TH2 on the list, but the reality is a lot of people here have not played the game and the anime wasn't great enough to attract a lot of viewers).

2. The other players ask a total of 20 Yes/No questions
Questions should be aimed at determining what the word is (eg. Is it a physical object? Is it a person?). Discussion of theories is encouraged amongst players. So that the question setter doesn't mistake discussion for a question, please phrase them in the form "Question: Is it a physical object?".

3. The question setter keeps a list of responses, giving out occasional hints.

4. The question setter can choose to pass questions if a yes/no answer would be ambiguous.

5. After 20 questions have been asked, the players must decide on a final answer
The final answer should be phrased as "Final Answer: Is it (answer)?"

6. Whoever the winner of the round is gets to create the next term.
If that player doesn't want to create the next term, they can put it up in the air for anyone else who wants to do so.

. Have fun!


The question setter should avoid answering misleading or subjective questions like "Is it tasty?".
The answer to the term is encoded in a MD5, you can get calculate a MD5 hash value of a phrase here.

The answer:

I'll start with something pretty easy. The hint:
It is golden in color.