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Nope, that one gets you to Dead Eye.

For Into the Darkness, you basically have to make all the "cowardly" choices, but still get the amulet and the yearbook.

If you still want a walkthrough:
Nfx uvf anzr
Qba'g jbeel
Qvq lbh frr gung?
Yrg'f trg bhg bs urer
Ybbx bhgfvqr
Evtug, yrg'f tb.
V pna'g gnxr uvz jvgu zr...
Jul qvq V eha njnl?
Na vyyhfvba
Ybbx sbe fbzrguvat
Onpx gb gur pynffebbz
Gnxr vg
Jngre sbhagnva
Tb va
Qba'g ghea nebhaq
Onaq Ebbz
Ybbx sbe Bmnjn
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