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Originally Posted by Haeleth
Art looks pretty good; Sorauta was highly regarded, too. Shame it's not Itaru, but there you go. (Whatever happened to her, anyway?)
Relegated to drawing box art, it seems.


Originally Posted by He also
Unless there are really enough fans out there who'd fork over 5,800 yen just to look at official Tomoyo porn... O_o;;
Well, if you've decided to purchase an 18+ game anyway, you could certainly do worse than one featuring Clannad's foremost エロイン =P

Originally Posted by Stranger
And seeing the system requirment... me think the game might including some animations (not actualy anime, but more like moving images... in a nice way).
They've certainly got the technology. The question is just whether they'd actually be bothered...
Speaking of which, I see there's no mention of those RPG elements we were promised.

Originally Posted by He then
... me hope for another game... this time for the twins :).
I'd prefer for them to begin working on their next major title, but going by the staff diary, it doesn't seem like Maeda really knows where Key is headed. Let's hope this isn't the beginning of the end for the industry's most prolific studio.

Originally Posted by Later, Haeleth
Central character, not protagonist. That's Tomoya again, like in Clannad (this follows on from Tomoyo's scenario, not the "true ending").
The ともともコンビ was bad enough, but you've really got to start questioning Maeda's naming sense when he adds another character called 'Tomo'...