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Default Re: About the size of these games...

Originally Posted by Tabi
@_@... And wasn't Clannad on a DVD disk, despite not having voices? I'm cuuuuurious.
Ok - I know I said I'm enticed to buy the game, but I've decided to hold back my animal instincts 'till the translation project is nearly completed ^_^

Clannad doesn't have voices yet? Hmm .. then is it safe to assume that future releases of Clannad will come with voices on the PS2/Dreamcast but not on DVD?

Back to the issue of file sizes, I think that the voices and OST make the bulk of the packaging. Anybody got any ideas how much larger the games would be if KEY decided to upgrade the pics to a larger resolution? Like 1024x768x16 or 800x600x32, maybe?